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TurboCAD Mac 2D/3D Training Guides

TurboCAD Mac 2D/3D Training Guides are an excellent way for new users to easily become familiar with 2D CAD design and 3D modeling in TurboCAD Mac. Each book provides quick, easy-to-follow lessons and step-by-step exercises to apply what you've learn. You can learn at your own pace so you can master every skill.

These books are not intended to replace the manuals shipped with the product. It augments those reference materials with information and practical exercises to help you become proficient in 2D and 3D CAD design. More...

TurboCAD Mac Training Contents

TurboCAD 2D Training Guide

The TurboCAD 2D Training Guide introduces the fundamentals of 2D CAD design. After you read the chapters and complete the exercises in this book, you should feel comfortable using TurboCAD to create your own 2D designs.

  • Module 1 " CAD Concepts" covers Starting TurboCAD, Interface Viewing the Drawing, and Drawing and Preference Options
  • Module 2 "Fundamentals of TurboCAD" covers Snaps and Drafting Assistant, Drawing Tools, and Editing and Manipulating Objects
  • Module 3 "Organizing Your Drawing" covers Layers, Groups, and Symbols
  • Module 4 "Adding Text to Your Drawing" covers Simple Text and Dimensions
  • Module 5 "Advanced Editing Techniques" covers Hatching, Styles and Line Styles
  • Module 6 "Advanced Drawing Techniques" covers Point Editing, Advanced Copy Techniques, Modification Tools, and Transformation Tools
  • Module 7 "Layout for Drawing and Printing" covers Drawing Layout and Named Views
  • Module 8 "File Management" covers the handling of files

TurboCAD 3D Training Guide

The TurboCAD 3D Training Guide introduces the basics of 3D modeling. You learn to model and edit 3D objects, render and print your 3D designs. After you read the chapters and complete the exercises in this book, you should feel comfortable using TurboCAD to create your own 3D designs.

  • Module 1 "3D Modeling Concepts" covers Introduction to 3D Modeling, Planes and Workplanes, Controlling the 3D View, and Setting the Workplane
  • Module 2 "Creating 3D Objects" covers Drawing 3D Objects and Creating 3D Profile Objects
  • Module 3 "Selecting and Editing 3D Objects" covers Selecting and Manipulating 3D Objects, Editing 3D Objects
  • Module 4 "Advanced Drawing and Editing Techniques" covers Changing Object Type and Reshaping 3D Objects
  • Module 5 "Managing 3D Models and Files" covers Managing the 3D View, Overview of Printing, and Importing and Exporting 3D Files

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System Requirements

This training guide has been made for TurboCAD Mac Version 4 however it is also suitable for TurboCAD Mac 4 - 6. While you may notice a few additional features and improvements the guides are still compatible.

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