Draw, draw, draw!

Draw hexes, droppers, risers, etc. at the pick of a button. Droppers / risers, etc. rotate automatically to the desired angle and pipework automatically broken.

Valves at the pick of a button

Valves will break the lines they are inserted on or simply inserted if no line is chosen.


Draw bathroom drainage layouts in seconds, draw pipework according to your specifications (lines / polylines) in Sydney Water approved colours.

Double Line Pipework

Simply select the service required & draw your double line pipework on the correct layer. Choose from bends, droppers & risers.

AutoPIPE Fire

Sprinklers layouts have never been this easy complete with all the symbols you need.

Mechanical Pipework

All the types of pipework needed for mechanical services drafting.

Pipework Utilities

Single Line Valves and Symbols

Double Line Pipework

Hydraulic - Drainage

Water / Gas Services

Plus much more: