Modify Ductwork

RockAUTO ductwork can be modified as if it is in an object. Command will pick up new the size of the duct even after it has been stretched and scaled.

Select Branch

Pich up branch sizes, angle, insulation, etc. at the pick of the button. It does not matter if your existing ductwork is polylines, blocks or lines, RockAUTO will always get the right size!

Preview Duct

Preview the duct about to be drawn.

Break Ductwork

Break ducts that are crossing at the pick of a button or setup ductwork to break automatically on.

Grill and Equipment Block Buiders

Tired of creating hundreds of grille and equipment blocks only to find you don't have the size for the job? Easy create blocks to the size and specification you require.

3D ductwork

Convert 2D duct to 3D, or convert 3D duct to 2D at the press of a button.

Rectangular Ductwork

Circular Ductwork

Ductwork Grilles

Plus much more: