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Plate'n'Sheet Professional. Industies Leading Unfolding software for commonly used shapes used in the Metals, Plastics and Insulation Industries.

Stand-alone program. Does not require additional software.

Print the pattern layout or export as a DXF file to CNC machine or other CAD software. More...

In Detail

Ready Set Go

'Ease of use' is Plate-n-Sheets guiding principle. In Version 4 we have been able to provide many additional features while maintaining the program's original simplicity for the basic user.

More shapes

In addition to Pipe to Pipe and Pipe to Cone, branches now include Cone to Cone, Cone to Oblique Cone, Cone to Pipe, Pipe to Oblique Cone, Rectangle to Cone, and many more.

Multiple branches

With up to four pipes converging on a common intersection point.

HVAC Rectangular Ducting

Including reducers, branches, Y's, T's and more transitions.

More Segmented bend options.

Vessel End Caps (hemispherical, torispherical, semi elliptical).

Easy to use Shape Finder

With an even better completely new Category Menu. This also provides a great foundation for our ever continuing continuing expansion of the system.

Material Thickness

Thickness setting is now more conveniently located.

Powerful Dimensioning

With new horizontal, vertical and offset manual dimensions and improved Automatic Dimensioning complete with true lengths with separate step-off dimensions around the top and base. Individual Auto Dimensions may now be deleted or modified for a more readable drawing.

Now includes Bend Angles

New option now prints the angle between two faces along the press line.

Router depth option

For the plastics industry.

Improved Printing

A Print Preview window now shows you exactly what you will get on the paper.

Dynamic Viewing

Such as Pan and Zoom. and dynamic rotation of the 3D model in real time.

Improved Lap Join Settings

Move and Rotate nesting

Move individual patterns in compound shapes for more efficient use of material

Pattern Identification

Patterns may now be automatically stamped with the date, time, item number and project number if required.

Area and Mass Calculation

Automatically calculate the rectangular area and mass. Automatically calculate the true area and mass of the cut shape.

Material Cost

Speed up quoting by automatically calculating the cost of material. Includes a database that you can easily maintain with current material prices.

Improved communication with CAD

Dimensions and text now transfer as native CAD objects and the 3D wire-frame model may be transferred to CAD too. Even the model views can now be transfered as 2D views.

Discount Pricing for multiple licenses and upgrades

List of Shapes

The following is a list of the shape categories. Within each category there are usually variations on the shape. For example, the Vessel End Cap category includes Torispherical, Hemispherical and Semi-elliptical shapes. New shapes may have been added since this list was compiled.

Baffle Plate
Cone To Cone
Cone To Oblique Cone
Cone To Pipe
Elbow - Cone To Cone
Elbow - Cone To Pipe
Elbow - Pipe To Cone
Elbow - Pipe To Pipe
Ellipse to Ellipse
Ellipse to Rectangle
Ellipse to Round
Helicals (Parallel)
Helicals (Tapered)
Hexagon To Round
Import Mesh
Oblique Cone
Oblique Cylinder
Octogon To Round
One Pipe Cut by a Plate
Oval Cylinder
Oval To Oval
Oval To Rectangle
Oval To Round
Pipe / Cone Through a Plate
Pipe Gusset
Pipe To Bend
Pipe To Cone
Pipe To Oblique Cone
Pipe To Pipe
Pipe To Pipe (Multiple Pipes)
Rectangle To Cone
Rectangle To Oblique Cone
Rectangle To Pipe
Rectangle To Rectangle
Rectangle To Round
Rectangular Chute
Rectangular Junction
Rectangular Straight
Reducing Breech
Right Cone Frustum
Right Cone Truncation
Right Cylinder
Round To Round
Segmented Bend (Cylindrical)
Segmented Bend (Oval)
Segmented Bend (Tapered)
Two Pipes Cut by a Plate
Vessel End Cap

Use it right, learn it now.

Read the tutorials below to help you get started quicker and use all the features of Plate 'n' Sheet Version 4. (PDF files)

Module 1 - The Basics
A quick introduction to the program: The Category Menu, entering measurements, applying thickness, view and zoom.

Module 2 - Properties
Apply or modify properties such number of press lines, pattern spacing, seam position, wrap-around templates and more.

Module 3 - Dimensions
Apply manual dimensions to the pattern. Also auto dimension true lengths, plate size, coordinates, bend angles and more.

Module 4 - Export and Print
Identify project, export a DXF of the pattern or model. Layers, printing views, printing patterns and templates.

Module 5 - Options, Move and Rotate
Setting global options and defaults. Calibrating the printer, material options, dimension options. Move and rotate patterns.

Module 6 - Mass Properties
Mass properties, area, weight of material, The materials editor.

Module 7 - Import a Mesh
Import a mesh from AutoCAD, Intellicad or a DXF and unfold in Plate ā€˜nā€™ Sheet Version 4.

Module 8 - Lap Joins
Butt joins, applying lap joins to sheet metal patterns, notching of corners.

Frequently Asked Questions

[Q] What are the Plate'n'Sheet Trial Limitations?

[A] You will be able to install and run the program but without being able to print, save or DXF. This will allow you to explore the scope and capabilities of the program before you purchase.


[Q] How do I upgrade my license to the current version?

[A] If you have already have a copy of Version 4 on installed on your computer, use Windows 'Control Panel' to remove the existing version. This process will not affect your current authorisation.


[Q] Can I install Plate'n'Sheet as a Floating License (Network Version)?

[A] A fee of $100 per workstation is charged for each authorization key.

  • Example: If you need 1 license shared between 4 computers:
    • First license based on $992
    • $100 fee for each workstation = $400
    • Total would be $992 + $400

System Requirements

  • Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista or XP (32bit and 64bit compatible).
  • 50 Mb of hard disk space.
  • The printer must have a driver that complies with the Microsoft standard for Windows compatible drivers.
  • Some older pen plotters and some Multi-function (Fax-Scanner-Copier-etc) are not supported.
  • Call or email to discuss further if you are concerned about the suitability of your printer.
  • The Hewlett Packard DesignJet series is being used successfully by many of our clients for printing large sheet sizes.
  • Because the pattern may be split up into small sheets and then arranged on the plate it is, however, possible to use a small (A4) laser or inkjet printer.

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