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25% CashBack

Referral Rewards Program

CAD software is often a key component in your business, and choosing the right software is an important decision, so people often ask friends and colleagues for advice and recommendations. There's a good chance you'll seek advice from someone before you make your decision…More than 80% of our sales have been linked to someone referring our products to someone else. So to REWARD YOU for your support and enthusiasm we offer 25% Cash Back on licenses you or your colleagues buy as a result of your referral*.

At the risk of sounding trite - this is a win, win, win situation…Your colleagues win by getting great advice and leading CAD software at an extremely competitive price; CAD International wins by gaining loyal clients; and you win by being rewarded in $. Refer just 4 new sales and you will completely recover the cost of your own software!...How easy is that!

Spread the word NOW and help others make a their decision easier.

*The rules:

 1. To qualify as the recipient/beneficiary for the reward you must already own a fully paid license of the current version of the software that you are recommending to someone.
 2. If you purchased your license in the name of a company, the recipient of the reward will be the company not the individual. Payments are made by company or bank check, (cheque)
 3. The new buyer must nominate the referrers name on the purchase order form. This nominee is then the official recipient of the reward subject to items 1 and 2 above.
 4. You can nominate yourself as the referrer, effectively giving yourself a 25% discount on additional licenses that you purchase.
 5. Reward payments are made 45-60 days following payment from the purchaser. Payments are not made if a sale is cancelled or returned for a refund.
 6. Referral payments are calculated on software license sales, not on ancillary products or services such as viewer software, hardware, technical support, upgrades or training etc.
 7. There is no limit as to how many referrals you can make nor in what region. You can refer clients anywhere in the world.^ Clients can include schools and students.

The referral value does not include and is not calculated using any tax amount which may form a portion of the value of the software sale. Participants have no claim on CAD International beyond the scope of this promotion. Participants do not act as agents or representatives of CAD International in any way. CAD International reserve the right to modify the rules for this promotion and/or to cease this promotion at any time without notice. CAD International will publish changes to the scheme via the web site within 7 days of any change. ^Excludes Brazil.

The Referral Rewards Program relates only to the following products: IntelliCAD PE, RealCAD Draft, RealCAD LT, RealCAD PRO, RealCAD PRO+, RealCAD COMPLETE, RealCAD CAM, RealCAD ARCHITECT, LANDWorksCAD LT, LANDWorksCAD Pro and StrucPLUS.


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