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Slingshot 3D

AutoCAD® LT is used for 2D drafting and detailing by design professionals in all industries all over the world - but what if you could also do 3D?

Be sure to check compatibility with your system

Its very low purchase price includes the first years renewal (less than 0.28c/day), making this highly productive toolkit a 'Must Have' in your AutoCAD® design arsenal. Join literally thousands of happy drafters and design professionals ... and make the most of your CAD software investment.

SlingShot 3D gives you the hability to use 3D commands in your AutoCAD® LT. More...

Slingshot 3D

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In Detail


  • drcauto Solids
  • drcauto Surfaces
  • drcauto 3D Operations
  • drcauto Solids Editing
  • Move Object's Layer
  • Erase Object's Layer
  • Layer Previous
  • Layer Previous Mode
  • Set Number Layer key
  • Freeze Number Layer Key
  • Improved command access
  • Xclip, Vpclip.
  • All of the image commands.
  • TrueColor and Gradient fills
  • The parallel and extension snaps and object snap tracking. (not available for AutoCAD® LT 2005 and AutoCAD® LT 2006)
  • Layer tools like isolate layer, freeze layer by pick, etc.
  • Quick viewpoint setting routines.
  • All the shademodes.
  • Orbit and Continuous Orbit.
  • Generally faster AutoCAD® LT operations.
  • Versions available for AutoCAD® LT 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010.

Slingshot 3D Features

Slingshot 3D Solids
Box Create a three-dimensional solid box.
Sphere Create a three-dimensional solid sphere.
Cylinder Create a three-dimensional solid cylinder.
Cone Create a three-dimensional solid cone.
Wedge Create a three-dimensional solid wedge.
Torus Create a three-dimensional solid torus.
Reducer Create a reducer object.
Pipe Create a pipe extrusion.
Pyramid Create a pyramid object.
Infill Fill in an outline as a solid.
Extrude Create a unique solid.
Revolve Create a solid by revolving.
Slice Slices a set of solids.
Section Use the intersection of a plane and solids to create a region.
Interfere Find the interference of two or more three-dimensional solids and create a composite 3D solid from their common volume.
Slingshot 3D Surfaces
Revolved Surface Constructs a rotated surface about a selected axis.
Tabulated Surface Create a tabulated surface from a path curve and a diretion vector
Ruled Surface Constructs a ruled surface between two curves.
Edge Surface Create a three-dimensional polygon mesh.
Face to Pface Convert a series of faces to a pface mesh.
Spiral Path Create a spiral path.
Slingshot 3D Operations
Projection Project an elevation.
3D Array Create a three-dimensional array.
Mirror 3D Create a mirror image copy of objects about a plane.
Rotate 3D Move objects about a three-dimensional axis.
Move Z Moves objects in Z direction.
Copy Z Copy objects in Z direction.
1 Point Perspective 1 point perspective.
3D View View objects in 3D perspective view.
Slingshot 3D Solid Editing
Union Create composite solid.
Subtract Create a composite solid by subtraction.
Intersect Create a composite solid from the intersection of two or more solids.
Hole Punch a hole through a solid.
Mass Properties Calculates and displays the mass properties of solids.

Bonus !Slingshot Max Commands

Image Commands
Image Adjust Adjust the brightness, contrast and fade settings of an attached image.
Image Attach Attach a variety of image files.
Image Clip Crop an inserted image and display a specified region.
Image Frame The ability to hide or display an image boundary.
Image Quality Control the display quality of an image to reduce time required to display.
Transparency Set the selected image as transparent.
Layer Commands
Isolate Layer Isolate the layer of the selected object.
Layer Freeze Freeze the selected object's layer.
Toggle On/Off Turn off all layers, apart from the current layer. Or turn all layers on.
Layer Control All Turn on, thaw and unlock all layers and regenerate the drawing.
Layer Off Turn off the selected object's layer.
Layer Lock Lock the selected object's layer.
Layer Unlock Unlock the selected object's layer.
Layer New Change the selected object's layer to a new layer.
Change to Current Layer Place the selected object on the current layer.
Set to Current Layer Set the selected object's layer as the current layer.
Vport Freeze Freeze the selected object's layer in the current viewport.
Orbit Commands
3D Orbit 3D orbital motion of the objects by cursor movement.
3D Corbit Sets the objects into continuous orbital motion.
3D Zoom Realtime zoom in 3D.
3D Pan Realtime pan in 3D.
3D Swivel Swivel the view in 3D.
3D Distance Adjust the distance in the 3D view.
3D Clip Set and adjust the clipping planes in the 3D view.
Shade Commands
2D Wireframe View as 2D wire frame.
3D Wireframe View as 3D wire frame.
Hidden View with obscured faces hidden.
Flat Shaded Apply flat shading to objects.
Gouraud Shaded Apply Gouraud shading to objects.
Flat Shaded, Edges On Apply flat shading with distinct edges.
Gouraud Shaded, Edges On Apply Gouraud shading with distinct edges.
Configuration Commands
Turn Keyboard On Turn drcauto shortcut keys on.
Turn Keyboard Off Turn drcauto shortcut keys off.
Configuring Keyboard Open and edit hot-key settings.
Layer Key Configuration Open and edit layer key number configuration.
Command Configuration Open and edit shortcut key commands.
Multiple Sessions Open multiple sessions of AutoCAD® and !Slingshot Max.
drcauto Home Page Go to drcauto Home Page.
Set DWG Associate Set current DWG file to be associated with !Slingshot.exe
Show Welcome Page Show welcome page during start-up.
Show Title Turn !Slingshot Max title display on/off.
About Open drcauto about.
Help Open drcauto help file.
View Commands
SW Isometric Show South-West view.
SE Isometric Show South-East view.
NE Isometric Show North-East view.
NW Isometric Show North-East view.
Plan View Show plan view.
Front View Show front view.
Rear View Show rear view.
Left View Show left view.
Right View Show right view.
Text Commands
Edit block Attributes Select block to edit its attributes.
Continue Under Selected Text Continue selected text.
Change First Letter to Capital Change first letter from lower to upper case.
Change Selected String to Upper case Change selected text from lower to upper case.
Change Selected String to Lower case Change selected text from upper to lower case.
Utility Commands
Xref Manager Access to Xref Tree for editing and opening Xref drawings.
External Xref Clip Clip external Xref drawings.
Xclip Frame Clip Xref drawing frame.
Clip Existing Viewport Clip existing viewport.
Irregular Viewport Create a layout viewport with irregular boundaries by converting an object drawn in paper space into a viewport.
Rotate Cross Hairs by Pick Rotate cross hairs along with a picked object.
Rotate Cross Hairs to 10 degs Rotate cross hairs along with a picked object.
Rotate Cross Hairs to 45 degs Rotate cursor to 45 degrees.
Rotate Cross Hairs to 0 degs Rotate cursor to 0 degrees.
Set Cross Hair Rotation Rotate cursor to inputed degrees.
True Type Color Access to true type color by using the Color Index, by entering the color number, and by entering bylayer or byblock.

CAD International is the premier developer of extensions for the AutoCAD® software suite including extensions which provide the ability to create and edit 3D objects, load and run LISP and ObjectARX applications and commands that speed the work AutoCAD® software. CAD International continue development on DRCAuto's SmartArchitect, a very powerful architectural application for the AutoCAD® software suite. StrucPLUS, the leading structural detailing software for AutoCAD® and Bricscad is also now fully developed and enhanced by CAD International. New tools now available also include RockAUTO's HVAC, Piping, Electrical, and Publishing applications.

Image Gallery

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Frequently Asked Questions


[Q] Is CAD International developing newer versions of DRCAuto compatible natively with Windows 7, both 32bit and 64bit machines and with current versions of AutoCAD®?

[A] Since obtaining the I.P. of DRCAuto software a year ago we have been working tirelessly to release an updated product fully compatible with both Windows 7, 32bit (x86) and 64bit(x64) and current releases of AutoCAD®. Unforeseen delays have hampered these updates.

[Q] What can I do until then? Is it possible to run current DRCAuto software on Windows 7 (both 32 and 64 bit machines)?

[A] The answer is yes. For Windows 7 32 and 64-bit platforms, the solution is to install both AutoCAD® and DRCAuto under what is known Windows XP Mode.

Read the complete article on How to Run drcauto software on Windows 7 clicking here

System Requirements

  • AutoCAD® or AutoCAD® LT(1) currently installed
  • 32bit(2) computer
  • Microsoft® Windows® 7(3), Microsoft® Windows Vista® (SP1 or later or Microsoft®, Windows® XP Professional or Home edition (SP2 or later)
  • Intel Pentium 4 or AMD Athlon dual-core processor, 1.6 GHz or higher with SSE2 technology
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 1.8 GB (AutoCAD) + 30 MB (Smart Architect) free disk space for installation
  • 1,280 x 1,024 true color video display adapter 128 MB or greater, Microsoft®
  • Direct3D®-capable workstation-class graphics card
  • 1,024 x 768 display resolution with true color
  • Microsoft® Internet Explorer® 7.0 or later

(1) AutoCAD® and AutoCAD® LT

  • 2000, 2000i, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007
  • 2008 (prior to the Non-Unicode Multiline Hotfix) dll
  • 2009 (prior to SP2)
  • 2010 (prior to SP1) dll

(2) Not compatible with 64bit machines

(3) AutoCAD® LT on Windows 7 not supported

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