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Announcement: CAD International acquire DRCAuto I.P.

On 14th December 2009 G L D'Arcy Pty Ltd trading as DRCAuto ceased trading and was liquidated. A variety of unfortunate events over the past several years including the untimely death of its founder Gary D'Arcy, the subsequent ill health of his widow the departure of key staff and tampering of source code, provided the director/s of the company little option but to take this course of action.

Many users have invested in products such as Smart Architect, !SlingShot Max, SlingShot 3D, Toolkit Max, SuperTools, LT Toolkit, StrucPLUS, ArchiOfficeLT, BestCAD, Land4, MechQ, NitroCAD, QuickBar and SurvaCAD will be affected by this event.

Good news!

CAD International have purchased the IP of the former company to rescue users from a situation where their software would otherwise become unusable.

CAD International offer immediate assistance to those in need of re-authorisation codes, new software licenses or upgrades.

To cover the cost of providing new authorisation codes and to fund future development of the software, this year there is a service fee of $99 for each renewal code.

To obtain your code, send an email with your contact details, the product name, year, and serial number to support@cad.com.au

You will receive a reply email with a credit card/Paypal button to make payment. Following Payment your Authorisation code will be generated and emailed back to you.

Note: The office of CAD International is located in Sydney, Australia so there may be a time difference from your location.

DRCAuto software products Smart Architect, !SlingShot Max, SlingShot 3D, Toolkit Max, SuperTools, LT Toolkit are now available for purchase.

CAD International will advise when new release software versions are made available.

Technical support and assistance is available immediately.

Legal Notice: Whilst CAD international (CAD) has purchased the IP of the former company, it is not liable for nor responsible for any agreement or license, actual or implied between the customer and G L D'Arcy Pty Ltd (GLD), its agents or representatives; CAD provide services to existing users of software as an act of good faith only and is in no way obligated to existing users to uphold services, licensing or pre-existing contractual arrangement. All licenses purchased from DRCAuto or its agents are subject to the terms and conditions of the then license agreement which may have expired hereto with the expiration of GLD. The re-supply of re-authorisation codes by CAD is not a new agreement or new license of the software nor a continuation of existing license rather an isolated service.

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